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Newsletter, St. Theresa's Council, Sydney - April 2016

The Quilt of Life Presentation at the AGM 2017

In answering Nationalís call to herald the Centennial of CWL in Canada in 2020, we took up the torch and embarked on a Quilt-a-thon for Hospice this year, with the intention of producing lap-quilts as per Nationalís challenge.
This project with Dr. Cooperís advice was to result in the making of a wall quilt instead.
We changed gears and came up with the Quilt of Life as we call it, which we proudly presented to Dr. Cooper with all our love and blessings for HOSPICE which is under his precious care at St. Marthaís Hospital.
For all intents and purposes, the quilt looks finished, but itís not. We will complete it and bring it to him soon. God bless and many thanks.

Quilt of Life for Hospice

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