Life Members/Regional Convenors

Honorary Life and Life Members

Antigonish Diocesan CWL Council

Honorary Life and Life Members

Criteria for Life Membership
1. The nominee must have been a member of the League in good standing for at least 10 years.
2. All nominees must have been a diocesan or provincial president.
3. The nominee must have held executive positions at diocesan level for a minimum of four years.
4. The nominee must have held executive positions at provincial level for a minimum of four years, not to include term served as diocesan president, at the time of the anticipated awarding of the life
5. The nominee must have demonstrated her love of the League, her encouragement of others and her ability to participate in study, research, presentations, workshops, etc.
6. The nominee must be available and willing to continue to serve the League at national level on
committees, preparing briefs, researching reports and resolutions, facilitating workshops and attending conferences at the request of the national president.

Honorary Life Members (National Past-President)

Dr. Irene Lefort

Life Members

Donna Bates
Joan Bona
Julie LeLievre
Marilyn MacDonald
Claire MacDonnell
Doreen MacDonnell
Cecile Miller
Debbie Samson
Peggy MacNeil
Toosje Van de Sande



Retiring Antigonish Diocesan Regional Convenors

Sandra Mc Gillivray, Mary Patricia Hall, Ada Hagen, Linda Burton
(missing from photo: Lorraine Blakeney, Gerri Samson and Linda Mac Askill


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